Make Your Wife a Priority and Save Your Marriage

When you are focused on building a career and making enough money to provide for your family, a lot of time is spent away from home. Both of you are like two ships passing in the night going in opposite directions. In order for you to provide a loving home and give her the “things” she need, you work hard, long hours. She says she understands. No worries. But you know better. You know it’s taking a toll and you want to save your marriage.

It could also be that she works long hours at her career as well, which means you see even less of each other. That is not ideal to having a strong, loving and communicative relationship. It’s possible, but the best relationships take putting in the time on a regular basis. You need time to communicate, time for intimacy and time for fun. It’s all part of the total package. Take the time now to make your wife a priority.

Sometimes she will not just come out and tell you something is wrong, some women think their husband should just know. But you can’t read her mind, however you know something’s wrong. What do you do? Make your wife a priority; it will help save your marriage and your sanity.

Here are a few ways of making your wife a priority. Choose the ones that you feel comfortable with and the ones that are possible within your particular marriage at this particular time.

Weekend Getaway

Whisking her away for two or three days is a great way to spend time relaxing and communicating. It should be just the two of you, alone at the beach or perhaps some quiet resort. Trust me; she will love you for it.

Take the Day Off to Save Your Marriage

On a day you know she has off, take the day off. Have no plans other than to do whatever SHE wants to do. If she has already scheduled a yoga class or Pilate’s session, or whatever, escort her there, and pick her up when she’s done, then ask how she would like to spend the rest of the day.

Call or Text Her from Work

Your wife will enjoy getting a daily text from you if you are not already doing that. Ask how her day is going at work, or if she needs you to pick up something on the way home. It doesn’t have to be sexy, or intimate or even “thinking about you”, if that’s not your character. Just the act of texting during your work day to reach out to her is truly enough.

Remember When She Asked…

I am sure there was a time when she has requested that you do something that as of yet you probably still have not done. Search your mind and whatever that happens to be, just do it.

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